bath salts 6 oz. bags vanilla variations


Bath Salts (6 oz bags):

Made from Epsom Salts and Sea Salts with essential oils added for relaxation or energizing Add a tablespoon or two to your bath. Choose from any combination that is availabe in soap scents. 6 oz bags.

Bath Salt Glows give a wonderfully decadent spa treatment in your own home....Apply all over before getting into the bath and the oils will soften and nourish skin. When rinsing, the salts will exfoliate, leaving you feeling pampered and refreshed with velvety skin. Comes in a lime peppermint scent, relaxing sweet earth blend, citrus & cloves or tea tree blend(special order). 4 oz jars.

Glows and Scrubs

Bath Scrubbies are terry or muslin pouches filled with soap flakes, herbs and essential oils. Take them in the tub or shower with you for luxurious, exfoliating suds. Hang to dry and you'll get 1/2 dozen uses out of each. GREAT gift idea!!$10 each. Larger sizes available, refills available.


Magickal Bath Drops are Bath Bombs that come in Romance (geranium, bergamot and ylang ylang with dried rose petals) and Earthly Delights (orange, patchouli, sandalwood with a hint of cinnamon) combinations will add a lovely essential oil scent to your bath as well as a hint of sweet almond oil silky decadence. Drop one into the tub and watch the fizz...then climb in and luxuriate.

Magickal Bath Drops