Why Ravencraft Soaps 'n Potions?

With my many years of experience of an aesthetician and electrologist I've worked with many brands of skin care and cosmetics.  Many of these  have wonderful properties but the underlying fact is that most are formulated primarily with synthetic ingredients and fragrances designed to attract the consumer with their superficial appeal. I decided to create a brand of natural products that I would be proud to utilize in my studio for their purity and effectiveness and  that would be able to be used and understood simply both in the studio and at home. With today's environmental challenges, a great many more people are finding it necessary to utilize products with natural ingredients, and many others are choosing a lifestyle that incorporates a 'natural' attitude. Ravencraft's Products will meet all of those criteria - and they smell and feel absolutely wonderful as well!

My products are created with natural ingredients, including vegetable carrier oils, cocoa and shea butters, natural preservatives and vitamins - in fact, because of the ingredients, most are safe if ingested ( but please don't eat them).  All are ONLY scented and accented with essential oils to increase the properties of the product. Formulations with synthetic fragrance oils are available only upon special order. When inquiring or ordering, please specify any concerns or skin conditions to be sure you get the products best suited to  your needs.

This website and these products are in no way meant to substitute for a professional skin care consultation nor for a medical consultation.

Since all products are formulated with natural ingredients they have a shelf life of 10-12 months if kept in a cool dry place, unless otherwise stated on label. Products are all available with only the natural scent of the ingredients by request .  Custom orders and gift baskets are available.


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