Handmade Soap

Made with Olive and Sunflower Oils, these soaps retain their natural glycerin (up to 25% of the total bar content) and won't dry out the skin . Beautiful silky lathers with rich scents from the ingredients including essential oils. Some are superfatted with cocoa, shea butters or sweet almond oil, infused with calendula or other nutrients. Goats' milk (great for excema, psoriasis and very dry skin) bars are also available.

Please specify scent desired on order form, special requests will be considered, with a minimum order of 8 bars at a base price of $40.

Each bar is approximately 4 ounces. Size may vary slightly because each bar is hand cut by yours truly.

pink peppermint citrus spice
cocoa decadence aniset with bentonite clay for shaving
shelves of soaps single serving sizes
single serving soaps Shaving pucks


- Patchouli / Rosewood

- Cocoa Decadence

- Unscented

- Goatsmilk

- Citrus Spice

- Cinnamon / Patchouli

- Honey, Oats  & Cocoa

- Clary Sage/Lemongrass 

- Aniset (& poppyseed) 

- Lime & Peppermint (Shaving/bath Soap with kaolin clay)

- Relaxation (w/ lavender, rosewood & geranium)

- Mint / Tea Tree

- Vanilla / Bergamot

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